At Towel and Linen Haven, we pride ourselves on quality and have build relationships in the industry, with suppliers and wholesalers who are synonymous with luxury. We retail to both the every day, end user consumer, looking to buy one duvet and a few towels. We also supply game lodges, bed and breakfasts and hotel chains with their bedding and towering supplies.

As you can imaging, the demands on products used in the hospitality industry are far more than those intended for everyday home use. The bedding and towering items of a hospitality business see far more wear and tear, general use, and go through many more washes than the average home use product. Generally in the hospitality industry a stronger detergent is used in the washing cycle, to ensure hygiene, whiter whites and brighter brights.

Supplying to the hospitality sector means we have to make sure that we have done our homework and that our products can stand up to that sort of use. Thats where our experience comes into play. We know what to look for when looking for the perfect bedding, bedding accessories and towering products for the hospitality industry, and our team is trained to advise you honestly and thoroughly, ensuring that you make the right decision for your needs.

Check out our hospitality range, as well as the information we supply for each product on our site. Things to look out for include thread count, material that the product is made form, and the range that it falls under. If you need more assistance please get in touch with us, or pop in for a chat and we would be happy to assist you!

We love what we do, and we hope that that love and passion shines through in our customer service and our quality product. Make a smart choice, and chose Towel and Linen Haven.